We aim to support vulnerable YP/A to manage their: 

• Relationship with family, peers, neighbours, staff and other professionals.

• Accommodation.

• Personal and domestic hygiene.

• Budgeting.

• Physical and emotional health.

• Training/education/employment/recreation.


To achieve these aims we: 

Tailor the support and accommodation to meet the needs of the individual.

• Provide real-life experience and high quality independence training, which builds resilience and self-belief.

• Support the YP/A to restore and maintain the highest standards of personal, physical, mental health and hygiene.

• Enable the YP/A to challenge and overcome issues associated with rejection, discrimination, frustration and persecution on any grounds (i.e. gender, age, sexual orientation, race).

• Provide chances for the YP/A to make informed choices about their lives.

• Help the YP/A to understand the consequences of, and refrain from, unproductive, offending and antisocial behaviour.

• Enhance and develop moral, cultural, social, emotional and religious wellbeing.

• Tailor support for the YP/A using assessment, planning and review.

• Listen to the voice, wishes and feelings of the YP/A, working together to achieve the desired outcomes. 

We are able to accommodate and tailor intervention packages to support vulnerable Young People 16+ and Adults, unaccompanied asylum seekers, teenage parents, YP/A with learning needs, children in care, families and their children, refugees, young offenders, challenging behaviour and sexually inappropriate behaviour. 

This is not an exhaustive list, referrers should contact the office in their area to discuss the needs of the YP/A.

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