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  ISO 9001 Introduction / Awareness Information


The Standard: - ISO 9001 – “Quality Management Systems” is a written set of guidelines (a framework), which any organisation can follow, in order to help control operations.  The overall aim of a quality management system is that the customer requirement is clearly understood and effectively delivered.

‘ISO 9001’ specifies that certain activities should be under control and particular records must be maintained.



Once an organisation has established suitable processes and records, a third party certification body is invited to assess the compliance of the ‘Quality Management System’, against the requirements of the standard.  If satisfied, they grant certification (sometimes referred to as ‘ISO 9001 Registration’), which can then be forwarded to interested parties as evidence of well-structured and diligent practices and a ‘Registered Logo’ can be displayed on corporate information.  ISO 9001 is internationally recognised, with over a million certificated organisations, worldwide.



Our selected Certification Body, who carries out the ISO 9001 assessments, is the British Standards Institution (BSI).  A representative from BSI regularly visits us to carry out assessments, within which he/she verifies that we comply with all of specified requirements of the standard, by sampling documentation, speaking to personnel and observing departments and practices.



There are various reasons why organisations, such as us, choose to adopt this standard.


1.   The quality management system is a useful tool to help us define and monitor our processes and to ensure that we are in compliance with customer expectations and industry requirements.

2.    It provides an independent benchmark to verify that we are indeed following the high standards that we set for ourselves and that the overall service provided to the customer is at a consistently high level.

3.    Customers and other external stakeholders often expect that their service providers, such as us, are able to demonstrate compliance with this quality standard through accredited third party certification.



In short… everyone who carries out work on behalf of Next Step.  - For example, directors set out policies, procedures, objectives, and these are implemented and adhered to throughout the workforce.


We are supported in development and implementation of our ISO system by consultants from Admac Ltd.


The Next Step Care Management policy/procedures and documentation,  that comprises our quality system can be found via the NSCM staff website, or also available electronically via:  www.admac.co.uk/gateway.



Within our quality management system, we have defined a ‘Policy Statement’.  To paraphrase, this is the senior management’s endorsement that we shall comply with customer requirements, and commit to continually improve through the setting of objectives.  It is the responsibility of every member of the company to do whatever he/she reasonably can, to control and improve our corporate quality performance.


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