Experience of independent living and managing aspects of their child’s life, as well as their own. Packages adapt to the parent(s) needs, so that the family can build on their strengths and life skills, and play a full part within their community.

Accommodation – Parent and Child

Packages tailored around the needs of the YP/A, to support them to remain living independently within their own home.

Outreach Only

Intensive bespoke placements, reflective of the YP/A needs, supported by staff on-site 24 hours per day and sleep-in or waking night staff. This package is designed to offer the YP/A the experience of living within the community, while still retaining the high level of support that is needed.

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Our 16+ programme is designed to offer YP/A the freedom to experience the real life pressures of the outside world as well as enjoying the freedoms and responsibilities of living as independently as their skills allow.

We tailor the support to the YP/A emotional and physical needs at any given time and provide practical, hands-on experience of independent living, which enables the YP/A to manage all aspects of their lives. 

We provide good quality, single occupancy accommodation.

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To prevent Young People being removed from the family home and potentially entering the care system. This model is also used to support foster placements and parents who may be in need of respite.

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