Young people involved with Exploitation and Sexual Exploitation

NSCM has been involved in working with YP/A’s who are being or have been exploited and sexually exploited or who are at risk of this.  We have worked with local authorities, Police and specialised services to help YP/A’s reclaim their lives, build their resilience and live without fear and harm.

We have experienced staff who are able to help YP/A’s as well as giving valuable information to the police to try and stop exploitation and sexual exploitation it taking place.

NSCM staff are able to identify grooming, both from YP/A’s grooming others and the YP/A being groomed. Staff  have worked with the police to keep records that can be used as evidence in court and are able to support YP/A’s when they are giving evidence. 

Staff are trained and equipped to work with YP/A’s to enable them to feel safe and secure and help them to keep themselves and others safe. Staff are aware that YP/A’s who are being exploited are often threatened with a variety of things from violence to passing on information and often struggle to accept support. This often means staff have first-hand experience of what the YP/A’s may be feeling. Staff accept that as part of their role they may be called to court to give evidence in the event of a trail or support a YP/A through the court process. 

At NSCM we are all aware of the pressures and dilemmas YP/A’s face when in these situations and the despair they feel at not being able to change things.  Staff offer support and guidance to help YP/A’s make changes and will attend interviews with YP/A’s to help them feel safe, and often act as a liaison between professional and the YP/A.

Staff recognise that their role is more than just making a decision in these situations and making a referral to other professional bodies.  Staff will also work with the YP/A to understand healthy relationships, sexual health and support them to attend regular screening.

Staff are experienced in working with specialist teams in exploitation and the Police often attending MAPPA meeting and professional meeting i.e. Strategy meeting where professionals work together to try and keep a young person safe. 

All our offices have and out of hours helpline number that YP/A’s can call if they need support or advice, and this enables us to provide reassurance or get any help needed to YP/A’s if required. In the past, this has enabled staff to alert the police to situations and at times has prevented YP/A’s from being taken somewhere they do not want to go. 

We are able to re-locate a YP/A immediately should the need arise and at short notice, if they are in danger and required to help keep them safe. We are able to move them to different parts of the country via NSCM other offices, where necessary.

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